The Manor is well known for Paranormal Phenomena and has been researched on many occasions; in 2006, Chambercombe Manor was also the focus of Living TV’s Most Haunted series.

LEGEND HAS IT, as is expected from a house of such antiquity, that Chambercombe Manor is said to be haunted. The Haunted Room adjoins that used by Lady Jane Grey. It is said that the tenant in 1738  was making some repairs to the roof when he discovered the outline of a window for which he could not find a room corresponding. Investigation led to the finding of a chamber between Lady Jane Grey’s room and the one adjoining, in which on the remains of a handsome bedstead lay the skeleton of a woman.

She was supposed to be a titled lady visiting relatives at Chambercombe who was shipwrecked in a storm on the rocks at Hele. She was found and brought to the Manor and placed into the room where she later died. The jewellery she was wearing was taken by the occupants of the Manor and the room sealed off from the outside world. The room has no entrance to it now, but a section of the partition has been removed and one is able to see into the chamber.

This photograph was taken on a daytime tour by Dave last season.  Our tour Guide actually saw the picture on the camera so we know that it’s genuine.  Please click on the photo to enlarge it.

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